Your Digital Travel Buddy: 5 Must-Have Apps to Carry with You on Your Adventures

November 28, 2018 / Resources/Tips

There’s no denying we live in the digital era, and it’s easy to see that technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. However, easily one of the greatest industries that have benefitted from the technological boom is the travel industry.

Nowadays, it’s entirely possible to research, plan and book every single aspect of your adventure from your smartphone or tablet, as well as doing everything you need to do while you’re away. With this in mind, today we’re going to explore the very best apps out there related to travel, and how they can help you make the most of your vacation.

#1 – Uber

As Uber becomes more integrated into countries and cities around the world, there’s never been an easier, nor more affordable, way to get about. In fact, the ride company is operating in over 800 cities and has pioneered this form of travel since it was founded.

With a personal driver, affordable pricing plans, 24-hour access and the ability to get picked up in a matter of minutes, there’s no better way to get from A to B.

#2 – Google Flights

Of course, when you’re travelling around the world, the best way to get about is by flying, which means you’re going to need access to plane times and prices. Google Flights is hands down the best app for this task.

Google Flights take information from all airlines and all locations around the world, meaning you can easily see everything in one easy place, ensuring you’re able to find the best deals and times you for.

#3 – Airbnb

If you’re looking for the most interesting places to stay, it doesn’t get much better than Airbnb. The chances are you’ve already heard it, but so we’re all on the same page, Airbnb operates in nearly every country in the world and undercuts hotels by a mile.

Simply search your preferred destination, and you’ll be able to see people renting out their properties, whether that’s their homes or dedicated Airbnb properties, for a fraction of the cost, but resulting in some of the most extraordinary places that make your adventures all the more special.

#4 – Google Maps

Heading back over to Google now, if you plan on walking, finding a restaurant, tracking down a landmark, or basically doing anything while you’re away, Google Maps is by far the most innovative way to make it happen.

Google Maps has everything listed you’re ever going to need, and with built-in walking and driving GPS technology, getting to where you’re going a never been simpler. Of course, the maps are integrated with Google, so you can also read reviews, access contact information and visit the location’s website.

#5 – Circa

If you’re planning on crossing multiple countries and need to stay in touch back home, or you’re simply trying to keep track of the time in locations around the world, Circa is a must-have you can’t afford to ignore.

This Android and iOS-friendly app allow you to easily keep track of the time no matter where you are in the world, including your home country, your current location, and any locations you may be travelling to.


It’s easy to see how innovative technology is making our lives easier, especially when it comes to a typically stressful and overwhelming activity like tracking. If you can think of something you need help with at any part of your journey, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be an app for that.