How to Get the Cheapest Train and Plane Tickets in 2020

June 26, 2020 / Tips/Travel

There is bound to be a higher level of demand for train and plane tickets once travelers are allowed to visit different countries as a result of easing pandemic lockdown restrictions.

You need to be savvy with your travel plans if you are going to reach your chosen destination at the best possible price and it helps to know a few tricks and tips that could cut the cost of your tickets.

Here are some pointers on how to enjoy travel adventures at the lowest possible cost.

How to cut the cost of your train fare

There are some great sites around that do a lot of the hard work for and know how to plan a route in the most cost-efficient route and these are a good starting point in your quest to save money.

Sites like are a useful resource if you are planning to tour parts of Europe by train and the information provided on the site is aimed to show you who to book with and when is the best time to get the cheapest tickets.

Booking as early as possible is always a great way to save money so it definitely pays to plan your trip well in advance and bag a bargain when it comes to the train fare.

Another key point is flexibility, and if you can be reasonably fluid as to when you can travel and what time of the day you are prepared to take the train, these are factors that can make a huge difference to the price of your train ticket.

It stands to reason that if you book a train ticket that is for a peak time of the day and a popular destination it is going to be more expensive if you travel when the commuters and crowds are not competing with you for a space on the train.

Getting to your destination by plane

The cost of your airfare can often represent a sizeable chunk of your travel budget and that’s why you need to try and find the best possible deals.

Some of the tricks and tips used to get cheap train tickets can also be used to cut the cost of air travel, such as being as flexible as you can with your travel plans, and even being as flexible as possible with regard to your chosen destination.

There are some great search engines dedicated to flight deals, such as Google flights, amongst others, and they really do cut out a lot of legwork and time by putting the deals in a way that allows you to compare prices easily.

Going direct doesn’t always pay

As strange as it might sound a flight that goes direct from New York to London, for example, could actually be more expensive than if you flew to somewhere like Iceland and then on from there on a different flight.

Don’t think it always better to fly direct if you want to save money, but also plan enough time between flights to ensure the itinerary works.

These are just a few ways to save money on your travel costs and it often pays to shop around and think outside of the box if you want to keep your travel budget under control.