A Dream Island Escape: 5 Awesome Things Mauritius Has to Offer

April 4, 2020 / Tips/Travel

If tropical paradises top your bucket list, the island of Mauritius is a must-see destination. Everything you daydream about when you’re planning a vacation getaway can be found in this little island utopia. 

Never heard of Mauritius before? Isn’t that the best part? 

It’s a lesser-known vacation destination, so you don’t have to deal with throngs of tourists blocking your sun.

In addition to the perk of being less populated, there are many other awesome things you’ll find in Mauritius.

Why You Need to Add Mauritius to Your Next Vacation List

Beaches and water fun are on every tropical island, but Mauritius has so much more to offer. When you head there on your next holiday, make sure you add these five incredible activities to your list.

1. Volcanic wonders – Islands are formed from volcanoes, but not all of them are explorable. In Mauritius, you can book an excursion to the top of the Trou aux Cerf volcano for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

From the volcano and surrounding areas, you get to experience Chamarel, home of seven dunes in rainbow colors. You’ve never seen anything like it, and may never again. This sight alone makes Mauritius worth the trip!

2. Savanne River – Once you reach the island, you’ll find that there are parts of it unexplorable by basic transportation. The Savanne River is one of these majestic views that you’re unable to truly enjoy by anything other than foot or ATV.

Small guided tours are available to drive you along with the geography of Rochester Falls and Union Forest, where you’ll see breathtaking views worthy of pride of place on your mantle at home.

3. Unusual wildlife – Is swimming with dolphins on your wishlist? You can cross it off in Mauritius, but it doesn’t end there.

Dolphins are popular animals in many island destinations. But Mauritius is in the Indian Ocean, where other exotic and unique creatures call home.

With a knowledgeable tour group, you can swim with marine mammals like dolphins and tropical fish, then listen for whales. You’ve got a pretty good chance of spotting one during your trip, along with many other animals unique to the island!

4. Casinos and nightlife – Race tracks, casinos, dance clubs, and delicious restaurants are just some of the nightlife you’ll see while you’re here. You’ll have your pick of multiple gambling venues and meeting places to keep you up all night having the time of your life!

5. Nature trails and reserves – If guided excursions aren’t what you’re looking for but you want to enjoy the nature in Mauritius, there are many trails and reserves you can explore.

The Heritage Nature and Ebony Forest Reserves are short trails you can enjoy at your own pace. Then head to Tamarin Falls for a full day of swimming and living like a native.

Everything You Need in One Place

While you’re in Mauritius, you’ll probably notice that you can cross off multiple items from your bucket list in one place. 

Everything you need to have the vacation of your dreams is right there waiting for you. Book your trip to Mauritius today!