The Place to Eat: 7 Portland Maine Restaurants That Serve Mouth-Watering Meals

May 11, 2021 / Tips

If you are traveling this spring or summer, you will need to stop and eat, no matter which direction you are going. If you are wandering towards the top of the East Coast, there are main Portland Maine restaurants that serve the best foods. 

Depending on the time of year, and what you and your travel companions feel like dining on, there is going to be an eatery for everyone’s taste. 

Here are 7 restaurants that serve mouth-watering meals:

1. Maine Lobster Shack

Offering fresh, daily-caught and local seafood to customers daily. The Maine Lobster Shack’s menu is condensed with both seafood, and American cuisine. The atmosphere is laid-back and the dining area is small but far from quaint. The service is exceptional and many travelers make this their last stop before returning to their home to be sure to savor the wonderful seafood of the East Coast.

2. Bird & Co.

If you are craving food that is typically found south of the border, or at least in Texas, Bird & Co is where you want to be. A wonderful Tex-Mex restaurant that specializes in all things tacos. Their taco menu has a wide variety of beans, beef, other meats, and vegetables along with all the fixings. They also offer a beautiful array of southwestern drinks to wet your whistle. 


This local Italian restaurant serves everything from the small plate appetizers, to pastas, pizzas, and other main dishes, to the most decadent desserts. One of their largest menus contains various styles of wines and cocktails for enjoying before, during, and after dinner. They also offer many of the same dishes for carry-out or delivery. 

4. Wilson County Barbecue

The Wilson County Barbecue restaurant will satisfy the most disconcerting BBQ eater in your party. Known as a pit-smoked whole hog barbecue joint, the owner is a transplant from North Carolina and has barbecue sauce in his veins. Offering sandwiches, plates piled high with delicious meats, and a range of sides, this is the place to cure your barbeque cravings. There is also a unique drink menu to accompany the generous portions of food. 

5. Sichuan Kitchen

From pork to duck, everything in-between, Sichuan Kitchen offers a large variety of Asian-inspired foods. Specializing in house-made noodles, this restaurant is open daily for all your Chinese food cravings. They also cater to those who need a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free menu.

6. Lazzari

If you and your traveling companions are craving pizza, Lazzari is the place in Portland, Maine to enjoy a wood fire pie. Besides the best pizza, this eat-in, carry-out style pizza joint features crostini’s. There are several to choose from including the house and roast beef.

7. The Shop

Well known for its fresh oysters, The Shop offers a beautiful oceans worth of plates for those craving the best and freshest seafood of the day. They offer several different types of oysters each and every day in addition to other foods found under the waters of the nearby coast. 

Whatever your stomach is craving, Portland, Maine has you covered for each and every meal of the day.