Travel essentials for women: A list that completes your packing

August 2, 2022 / Backpacking/Resources/Tips/Travel
travel essentials for women

Everyone loves travelling and exploring new places but packing is a tedious job everyone hates. While some people are good and organized at packing some others hate it to an extent beyond imagination. No matter which one you are it needs a lot of patience and skills to pack everything well and lightly. Stick to the rule of essential travel items only.

While women have established a wrong impression as packers with the right guidance and techniques you can also master the art of packing. And can remove this gender myth from people’s minds. A woman packing a suitcase is a mess to watch but you just need to prepare a packing checklist and stick to it. So buckle up girls here are some tips, tricks, and travel essentials that every woman needs to know:


Comfortable clothing:

  Fashion is important undoubtedly and no one should compromise with it. But while travelling long distances or for an adventurous trip. Choose clothes for your trip that are fashionable as well as comfortable to wear. Keep clothes that you can pair in different ways to create a new look. This way you can travel with less baggage without having to compromise your fashion sense. Take lighter clothes with good material quality to keep you comfortable in any weather. You should keep 2 pairs of jeans and 5-6 tops, and keep a summer dress or two for the party days. If it’ll be cold out there then don’t forget to pack some warm clothes. Keep some shrugs, scarves, and jackets to layer and look trendy. Keep a swimsuit for pool days. A pair of activewear and a pair of PJs. Don’t forget to take a good amount of underwear and socks. Always remember to put on your bulky clothes to avoid carrying too much.

Suitable shoes:

   Shoes are necessary to complete your look and to make you feel confident and comfortable. Although it is necessary to style your outfit with suitable shoes, avoid bulk packing and take 2-3 pairs of shoes no matter what I know this is easier said than done. But keep free space for other essentials and take as little as possible. Don’t forget to pack a pair of flip-flops for the hotel washrooms and beach days.

Toiletries bag:

    Ever heard of solid toiletries like solid shampoos, solid conditioners, body wash, dry shampoo, and even lotion these are some must-have toiletries for women. If you answer this negatively then this trip is your reason to try it out. This will help you while checking in at an airport hassle-free and also is very portable and easy to use. Don’t forget your toothbrush. Make sure the bag you are using for toiletries should be made of spill-proof material to avoid spilling your liquid toiletries on your clothes.

Skincare and beauty products: 

   You can opt for travel-friendly sealed plastic organizer pouches in which you can carry as many products as you will need for your stay and don’t have to carry a lot of bottles. Even if you follow strict skincare 7 steps daily try to travel with the basics and most important ones. Go for powder and solid makeup products to avoid leakage and spilling opt for SPF sticks, deodorant sticks, foundation sticks, lip crayons, concealer sticks, etc. Carry wet wipes instead of your regular makeup remover. Always carry sunscreen with high SPF to avoid tanning and sunburn. And a friendly reminder: don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen every 2-4 hours.

Necessary medication: 

   Pack a few first aid items like band-aids, alcohol wipes, and pain relievers for being on the safer side. You can easily get scars and cuts in new places while travelling. If you are on certain regular medications you can opt for pill organizers or pill planners where you can store all medicines according to the number of days which can be handier and travel-friendly as compared to a lot of strips.

Safety essentials:

   Let’s face it, women needs are more cautious while travelling alone than men, and to ensure your safety while walking on the roads alone at night or staying alone in a hotel room you need some portable items to keep you safe and tension free. Pepper spray is a must-have travel essential for women you can even keep hair accessories that come with knives, keep a small flashlight in your keychain or backpack, and carry a personal whistle or alarm for times of need. Invest in a good portable travel hotel room lock to ensure extra safety at night. Don’t forget to put a fake ring in place of your regular expensive, valuable and sentimental wedding ring. Always carry a travel dictionary that translates your language to the language of the local people you are travelling to which will help you communicate with the people who know that place the best.

Anti-theft travelling purse:

   Invest a good amount on anti-theft travelling purses it is frightening how someone can easily pickpocket from your backpack or even can snatch it from you. It is easier for professional pickpockets to snatch your purse or even cut open it. Some bags come with mesh cages that don’t allow anyone to put a hand on your backpack. It even comes with cable locks and is highly recommended if you are taking any public transportation like a train or bus and the chances of dozing off are high. Your backpack can be locked to a pole so that no one can get away with it. A good-quality messenger bag will keep you organized and will allow you to carry all of your essentials when you’re travelling. Some carry bags also have locking zippers.

Travelling accessories: 

    Don’t forget to carry your sleep mask to give you the required darkness in case you want to take some rest while travelling or in hotel rooms. Always carry portable and multi-useable water bottles. It’s a high time we concentrate on reducing the use of single-use plastic and hence carry a good quality glass or steel water bottle will do the work. Keep filling your bottle up with local taps but first, make sure they are drinkable. You can switch your regular scrunchies with scrunchies that have zippers and pockets for some extra cash and to keep thieves away. Keep toilet seat covers to keep you safe from germs and possible infections in public toilets. Keep foldable and disposable pee funnels with you. Don’t forget to pack your sanitary napkins, tampons, panty liners, or menstrual cup. Keep hats or caps as per your comfort to help you protect yourself from the scorching sun. Always carry a pair of good gliders or sunglasses to keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Electronic essentials:

   Keep all the electronic essentials that you will need during your trip. May it be your hair straightener, dryer, or curling iron keep it in a safe space, and don’t forget to check its temperature before packing. Don’t forget to keep your charger and portable charger with you. Carry a headphone that is good at noise cancellation to help you relax in a loud and otherwise noisy place.

Electronic essentials


   Before going on a vacation to other countries make sure you have a good knowledge of their currency and expenses. This will help you plan your budget. Visit your local currency exchange and collect cash in whatever currency that place, where you are travelling, accepts. Seek help and recommendation from your friends and family to get the best agent in town and help get you the most amount out of your money exchange. Although it is risky to travel with a lot of cash for fear of theft still it is very necessary to have some cash to travel tension free.

Plastic storage bags: 

   Keep plastic storage bags of different sizes to help you through any urgent needs. You can carry your wet umbrella or wet swimsuit in it to keep other clothes from getting wet. You can also keep your dirty socks and shoes for better hygiene. You can also transfer any makeup or skincare products that are not spill-proof. This is one of the best travel essentials for women.

Needed jewellery:

   Keep as few accessories as possible. Plan your complete outfit day-wise and then see what all jewellery you will need in the course of your trip. The following tips will help you pack your jewellery safer and better:

  • Thread your necklaces through straws to keep them away from tangling.
  • Roll up your bracelets inside hand towels, or a pair of socks and simply tie them with rubber bands to keep them secure.
  • Store pairs of earrings secured through the holes of a button or simply stick them inside erasers to keep them from misplacing
  • Place everything inside a soft jewellery pouch or a jewellery travel organizer available online to keep them in place.


I know how hard it is to decide and pack the required things only. Procrastination is the main problem among us while packing. We think about a lot of ifs and if not which are not necessary. With the right strategies, packing is a cakewalk. Stick to the above tips and carry all the essentials that you think you will need. Don’t forget to check the weather reports of the place you are visiting and staying. This will help you plan your outfit accordingly and also will help you carry the required things for a smoother stay.

If you are travelling to a hot place still put on a warm piece of clothing for your flight journey. Flights are usually cold and can leave you uncomfortable and shivering. Strictly stick to your packing checklist, travel with the essential travel items only. Toiletries for women are what women packing suitcases should never forget about. I hope the tricks that work well for my work for you as well-wishing you a safe journey and happy packing.