Heidelberg Germany – Best Places to Visit & Things to do

July 2, 2021 / Tips/Travel

Heidelberg is one of the most romantic towns in Germany. Not many people know that Germany is actually one of the more interesting places to visit. It has a lot to offer tourists, especially Heidelberg Germany.

So what are the top attractions to add to your European trip? Here are the 9 activities you should add to your itinerary if you happen to pass through Heidelberg, Germany.

Best Places to Visit in Heidelberg Germany

Walking Across the Alte Brucke

Alte Brucke is German for “Old Bridge,” and stands at the center of Heidelberg. It’s built out of stone and was erected in 1786 when floods washed away the wooden bridges that were once there. Pillars stand nearby with marks showing just how high the floodwaters once got.

A Lunch of Coffee and Cake

Heidelberg is filled to the brim with cozy cafes that take the edge off after a busy day. Sit back, order your favorite coffee and cake, and enjoy some casual conversation with your traveling partner. Try out the many German pastries they have to offer too since you won’t find them anywhere else.

Riding The Old Funicular

The funicular in Heidelberg, Germany is 100 years old, which is quite impressive, since it’s made entirely out of wood. You can ride it all the way to the top of the mountain to take pictures of the view from King’s Throne. Take any of the wooden paths through the woods or head to the children’s park if you have your young ones with you.

The Church Tower of the Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost is an imposing church that seems to hover over the town of Marktplatz. For just a few euros, you can climb the steps of the church to the top of the tower for an impressive 360-degree view of the entire town around you.

Visiting Schloss Heidelberg

This is a beautiful castle on the hill that was built around the 13th Century and was the residence for many Prince-Electors who presided over Germany. The war and fire that took place in the 18th Century led to its decline, however, and has been left in disrepair ever since.

Visiting The Students’ Prison

The University in Heidelberg had its own legal jurisdiction over students, especially those who were disorderly or found drunk in the streets. “Convicted” students spent their time playing cards and painting murals all over the walls, creating murals that are now 100 years old.

The Philosopher’s Way

After crossing the Old Bridge, there is a path that runs along the hillside, offering wonderful views of the town. It leads up to terraced gardens where you can sit and think, enjoying the peace and quiet around you.

River Cruise Along the Neckar

Enjoy a river cruise from the Old Bridge to Weisse Flotte or Neuberg Abbey to enjoy the many markets that have to offer.

Walk Through Heidelberg Altstadt

The town itself is very pleasant to walk through if you’re looking for a quiet vacation. There are plenty of shops and restaurants to peruse, and the streets are rarely ever crowded.

Heidelberg, Germany may not be the most exciting place to visit, but not every part of your trip has to be about adrenaline and thrills. Consider adding it to your travel plans this year if you want a vacation that’s more laidback.