Introducing the Duck: The Top 10 Best Beaches in North Carolina

May 28, 2021 / Travel

If you want to experience some iconic and awesome scenery that offers you the best of both worlds when it comes to mountains and beaches, North Carolina ticks all the right boxes, and with over 300 miles of coastline, you will be spoilt for choice trying to decide which beaches to visit.

Let’s focus on the best beaches in North Carolina, with a top ten of some of the most beautiful and picturesque ones that all help to make this coastline so special.

The Duck

Duck is a resort town that boasts a stunning array of great beaches to choose from and many of them are renowned for being some of the best anywhere in the country.

One of the highlights has to be taking the Soundside boardwalk to be rewarded with amazing views of the Currituck Sound.

Atlantic Beach

This beach is a part of North Carolina’s iconic Crystal Coast and it is particularly renowned for the crystal clear waters that are so inviting when you work your way along the beach to find the perfect spot.


If you are looking for a bit of isolation so that you can enjoy the views without the crowds you might want to put Carova beach on your must-see list.

You can only access the beach via a suitable 4-wheel drive vehicle, but it is well worth the effort when you arrive at such an unspoiled beach and enjoy the warm waters in almost splendid isolation.

Carolina Beach

If you are a fan of fishing or surfing this white-sand shoreline will give you everything you need for a great day of sport.

The boardwalk at Carolina Beach is also a great entertainment hub so you can enjoy live music or some other event to round off a busy day on the beach.


This beach is a magnet for kite-boarders and surfers, but even if that is not your thing you will still find a spot away from the crowds as it boasts plenty of wide sand beaches, and its deep blue waters are pretty alluring too.

Topsail Island

If you are looking for a beach that is largely unspoiled and offers so much natural beauty at every turn you will find Topsail Island is a great choice, with three incredible beach communities to choose from in the area.

Cape Lookout

The Cape Lookout National Seashore delivers an incredible 56 miles of beach and you can even book a stay in one of the beachfront cabins so that you get more time to enjoy the natural charms of this area.

Hammocks Beach State Park

You will have to take a ferry or boat to access the Hammocks beach but your reward is an undeveloped location that is so quiet and very relaxing. 


Another quiet island to make the list is Ocracoke, which boasts over 15 miles of stunning white-sand beaches and lots of inspiring nature walks. Take the ferry from Hatteras to get to Ocracoke.

Bald Head

The fact that no cars are allowed on Bald Head Island should tell you how the locals want to protect their peaceful and iconic natural beaches.

Take a ferry from Southport and find the perfect spot to relax somewhere along the 14 miles of phenomenal beaches.

Whichever one you choose, North Carolina has some of the best beaches you will find anywhere.