Working Remotely: 8 Best Places to Be as a Digital Nomad

September 20, 2018 / Backpacking/Travel

There is an almost infinite list of the places that you could travel to, and perhaps, work remotely. Convenient places with most, if not everything considered favorable for digital nomads – warm weather, high-speed and reliable internet, healthcare, dating opportunities, affordable cost of living (not more than $2,000 per month), and of course, safety. The following are 8 best places to be as a digital nomad.

  • Prague, Czech Republic

The beautiful capital city has a free WiFi with speeds of up to 17mbps, several co-working spaces, good healthcare services, great walkability, and traffic safety. You will enjoy meeting with welcoming and friendly residents plus the freedom of speech. You won’t have to worry about your safety as you work and travel around. Sounds good, right? Plus the cost of living is quite affordable going up to $1900 per month.

  • Chiang Mai, Thailand

The city has a vast number of co-working spaces and coffee shops, outstanding food, excellent medical care, good weather, and the eye-catching mountainous terrain. The cost of living hardly goes beyond $1000 a month. And when you’re not working, you can enjoy hiking, biking, touring, and several other outdoor activities. The city’s internet runs at about 20 mbps with WiFi hotspots in every corner of the street.

  • Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon’s good healthcare, affordable quality food, traditional Fado music, and the red tile rooftops will surely attract you. The internet speed is good (up to 20mbps) and the entertainment revolving around history – monasteries, ancient castles, and museums will be worth the stay. It has got warm and dry summers, and if you love getting around, there’re buses, ferryboats, metro, and tram systems available. The cost of living here is about $1900 per month.

  • Bansko, Bulgaria

As a digital nomad, you may want to refer to this city as a ski resort. You will find coworking Bansko where you can meet and hang out with other coworkers. The free WiFi spot has internet speeds of up to 17mbps. With the cost of living not more than $1300, you can live an enjoyable life as you work here. Your safety is also guaranteed. There are a good number of recreation and outdoor services to attend when you’re not working.

  • Bali, Indonesia

Are you a fan of yoga, smoothies, and coconuts? Then Bali is the best place for you. It started out as a fishing village but currently, a good number of digital nomads are descending on the island every year. Across the island, you will encounter several co-working spaces with internet speeds of up to 22mbps. You can either stay at Canggu or Ubud but Canggu is best for the surf crowd. The cost of living on this island is about $1300.

  • Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok city is best known for its elaborate shrines, rowdy nightlife, skilled doctors, and amazing Thai massages. It has free WiFi across the city with speeds up to 40mbps. With beautiful Thai beaches, numerous temples, delicious and affordable street food, you can hardly get bored. You can live a very enjoyable lifestyle in the city with only $1200 per month.

  • Budapest, Hungary

If you’re a cosmopolitan nomad, then this is your destination. Budapest city has an excellent public transport system, healthcare services, delicious food, monumental Opera House, the massive Great Synagogue, and amazing Neo-Renaissance. You will also enjoy excellent connection of up to 30 Mbps. Despite pretty cold winters, you will surely appreciate the thermal baths across the city. The cost of living goes up to $1300 per month.

  • Las Palmas, Spain

The city, located in the Canary Islands, experiences warm weather all year round. It has several co-working spaces, mountains, beaches, and colonial cities. The city also has good healthcare services, freedom of speech, great walkability, traffic safety, a good internet connection with speeds up to 25mbps. The cost of living is about $1900 per month.


These are some of the best common places to be as a digital nomad. There are other potential destinations that you may prefer, of course depending on your personal preferences. But if you’re having plans to fly and still trying to figure out where to go, consider one of these best destinations. Good luck!