Virtual Reality: An Opportunity to Visit Fragile Grounds or a Slowdown of Tourism?

May 18, 2020 / Tips/Travel

Everyone wants to go on vacation, but there’s a lot involved in the process: there’s the planning, there’s packing, there’s putting together an itinerary, and booking travel plans. In fact, sometimes people need a vacation away from planning a vacation.

But virtual reality is changing that for people and making it easier to “travel” to destinations they’ve never been to before. Is this new development of technology going to ruin the tourism industry?

The Threat of Virtual Reality is a Myth

With the current epidemic going on and other situations that make it difficult for people to travel, virtual reality has actually made it a bit easier for people to have their “destination vacations” without having to actually go anywhere.

Virtual reality steps in to allow these people to see places they’ve never been to before and provide them with a small escape that they need from the stress of everything that’s going on. What’s more, they might be more likely to visit these places once the travel ban has been lifted, increasing their tourism in the future.

How it Works

The latest technology allows people to “feel” like they’re in the computer-generated world they see, allowing them to explore what these destinations have to offer before they even head there. It’s like a “try before you buy” experience, instead of jumping headfirst into a destination that you may not end up liking in the end.

“Tourists” are given VR glasses to wear, where they’re taken to various locations and experiences first-hand without ever having to pack a bag through 360-degree videos that capture every moment.

Hotels Can Benefit from VR Technology Too

Hotels can make use of virtual reality by allowing customers to see exactly what their rooms look like so that all of the guesswork is taken out of it. No more stagnant pictures on websites; “tourists” can see and walk through a hotel room before deciding which one to book. It’s unlike any other online marketing experience before.

Boosting Mental Health

Although seeing the beach through virtual reality isn’t the same as actually going to the beach, it can be a great cure for those who have cabin fever and need to getaway. It can also be a great way for those who suffer from seasonal depression or other mood disorders to feel like they’re somewhere else, which can elevate their moods.

And if you can’t afford a full virtual reality tour, there are some apps people can download for free to get a sense of what the experience is like. Some even drop you into the middle of the ocean so that you can see the aquatic life beneath the waves.

It’s going to be hard getting back into the swing of things once this epidemic is over, so there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a guilty pleasure or two in the meantime. There’s no reason to stay inside and be bored for the next few months; allow yourself to have new experiences of your very own.