The 10 Best Key West Beaches

June 1, 2022 / Travel
Key west beaches

Key West beaches are as unique as the people who call this place home: exotic, sometimes eccentric, and always a blast to visit. To celebrate the sun and be fascinated by sunsets, they are playgrounds. These places, scattered throughout America’s southernmost coasts, seem like it’s on the verge of something extraordinary. As the only live coral reef in the United States, our island has the third most extensive coral reef. Here are some beach favourites. Don’t forget to go down to each one once you’ve biked around. As long as you’re willing to keep your eyes open, you’ll never get tired of the views.

What makes Key West beaches so special? 

Here are why Key West should be on every traveller’s bucket list. Each contributes to the area’s uniqueness. But, of course, anyone who has visited key west beaches knows precisely what I mean.

Awesome aquatics

The Florida Keys are ocean-dream lovers with a variety of water-based activities. So whether you’re an expert diver or a newbie snorkeler, oceanic activities should be high on your agenda while visiting the best beach in key west.

You may choose from wreck dives, reef dives, mangrove kayaking, and glass-bottom boat cruises at the historic Seaport. To enjoy Key West’s water, arrange a “two dip vacation.” This high-speed, state-of-the-art catamaran tour visits two popular snorkelling areas. Key West’s seas are beautiful. Andy Griffiths Charters. Andy, a local fisherman, can organise three-day trips to the Dry Tortugas or four-hour fishing trips.

Sunsets worth celebrating

Sunsets are a must-see on the best beach in key west. Because of the Key West Culture Preservation Society’s Sunset Celebration, which began in the 1960s as a counterculture movement, you’ll be able to enjoy the sunset with jugglers, fire-eaters, and other partygoers. At the same time, you watch the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, Mallory Square comes alive with food booths, beverage bars, and artisan sellers two hours before nightfall.

Take a two-hour sunset ride on a schooner to observe dolphins, marine turtles, and water birds while sipping sun-downers.

Duval Street Drinks

It’s no secret that Duval Street is home to some of Key West’s top nightlife establishments, and they’re frequented by everyone from the elderly to the young. So get down to some live music at the Green Parrot bar, where residents dance and drink till the wee hours. In addition to Sloppy Joe’s, another renowned hangout, Ernest Hemingway attended the bar in its original place (now Captain Tony’s Saloon), contradicting what you may have heard (a hotly discussed matter).

Key Lime Pie

When in Key West, try the local delicacy: Key Lime Pie. Locals appear to produce plenty in their yards, a tantalisingly tart dessert fashioned from the citrus. Many locations claim to have the most fabulous recipe for this famous dessert, but Blue Heaven’s version stands out since it is topped with enormous clouds of meringue rather than the traditional whipped cream. 

The 10 best beaches in Key West 

Smathers Beach 

This is Key West’s most extensive public beach, measuring about a mile in length. State Road A1A, which begins at mile zero, is located on the island’s southern coast on our island’s south side. It is particularly well-suited to families due to its long stretch of mostly sandy beach. You can stroll a long way out into the ocean in calm conditions. 

Swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, parasailing, sunbathing, and beach volleyball is popular activities here. Food, beverages, seats, and rafts are readily accessible from nearby vendors. Additionally, public toilets, lounge chairs, and rental equipment for watersports are available. It is to be the best beaches in key west to swim.

Higgs Beach 

On a little beach with a pier, monuments mark an 1800s African slave grave. Higgs Beach has a dog park. Therefore pet owners love it. Higgs Beach’s free parking is another perk. It boasts palms, good sand, and swimming and snorkelling-friendly water. Cindy can help you reserve beach chairs, kayaks, paddleboards, and other beach gear. Higgs Beach sits opposite West Martello Tower’s gardens. There are public bathrooms and outdoor showers.

Sombrero Beach

Located on the sands of Sombrero Beach is a lovely park. Sombrero Beach was rebuilt in 2001 by the City to offer full accessibility for the disabled. A shaded park with picnic tables, volleyball courts, bathrooms, and showers is framed by a beautiful Atlantic Ocean beach.

Nesting turtles may be seen on Sombrero Beach. From April through October, Loggerhead Turtles (mainly) come ashore at night to deposit their eggs on the beach. In the months leading up to turtle nesting season, the City restricts human activity in the immediate proximity of turtle nesting areas. As a result, beaches with turtle nesting grounds often make up less than 10% of the total area. The rest of the best beaches in key west to swim on are free to use for everyone, including our guests and locals.

Robbie’s Marina 

Robbie’s Marina is well-known to everyone who has spent time in Islamorada. “Feeding the Tarpon” is the trademark of Robbie’s Marina, which sits on the bayside at Mile Marker 77. This concert is the perfect holiday activity.

Shortly to be christened Scarface, a tarpon wandered into shallow waters at a marina three decades ago. Marina owner Robbie tried to save the tarpon from its impending fate because he was afraid it had beached itself. So the fish’s jaw was ripped as he was releasing it that it was in anguish.

Sunset Key

Spend a day on sunset key west beaches, a private island just. Three miles off Key West’s coast, for a taste of luxury. The resort has luxurious bungalows and a private beach. If you can afford to spend a night just at the resort, it’s worth it to access the private, beautiful beach.

Make a reservation at sunset key west beaches Latitudes, the restaurant’s award-winning sister establishment. Gulf vistas and coastal breezes accompany seasonal meals. Tropical fruits, fresh seafood, and a wide variety of beverages are all on the menu.

Fleming Key beach

The island of Fleming Key may be found in the lower Florida Keys, just to the northwest of the main island that is home to Key West, Florida. Its length is around 3.2 kilometres (2 miles), and its width is approximately 400 metres (25 yards).

It is possible to go to the islands of key west beaches by using the Fleming Key Bridge, also known as Mustin Road, which has a clearance of 18 feet (5.5 metres) over the Fleming Key Cut.

Calusa Beach

In the Florida Keys, Calusa Beach is a tropical haven with palm trees and powdery white sands on sandy beaches that slope gently down to the clear aquamarine seas below.

Calusa Beach is one of the best beaches in the Florida Keys and one of the few completely natural. Despite its small size, it provides a seaside location to eat and shop at the beach’s food and souvenir vendors, with enough room for a few picnic tables.

There are plenty of places to park nearby, and the waters are calm enough for children to play in, with the Bahia Honda Bridge looming over its western edge. Unfortunately, Calusa Beach’s popularity necessitates bookings up to a year in advance, and finding a free pitch on the spot is almost impossible during the peak season.

Despite the lack of elaborate amenities, there are plenty of options for renting kayaks, snorkels, and other water toys.

Garden Key/Pigeon Key

Tourists who visit Pigeon Key are transported back in time to a little island that profoundly impacted the modern-day Florida Keys landscape. Pigeon Key is situated under a trestle on the outskirts of Marathon, and its modest wood-framed houses have seen an upheaval.

The Pigeon Key Foundation, a non-profit organisation that oversees the island and aims to conserve its rich history, charges the Pigeon Key Cottages, painted in Flagler’s distinctive yellow.

On Pigeon Key building was converted into a train museum thanks to the foundation’s work. Among the objects on display are concrete “bones” used to test the strength of combinations during the Old Seven-Mile Bridge’s construction. In addition, the photographs show pigeon Keys’ buildings, the historic bridge, and the island’s past residents.

South beach

As its name implies, Key West’s South Beach is the farthest south. The quiet and shallow waters make it a safe area for families and others who like swimming and resting at the water’s edge. Although there are still no public facilities, there is a café and a bar to visit.

Rest beach

Sometimes called C.B. Harvey Park, Rest Beach is among the key west beaches smaller beaches. It’s narrow but has white, fine sandy beaches, picnic tables, and benches. The Edward B. Knight Pier offers a great perspective of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach’s sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous. So if you don’t like the crowd near Mallory Square, come to Rest Beach.


The end of the story! This article should have convinced you to visit key west beaches. As you can guess, I had a fantastic experience there, and I would highly suggest it to everyone.