Budget-Conscious Journeys: 10 Cheap Places to Travel in 2020

August 21, 2020 / Backpacking/Resources/Tips/Travel

Who doesn’t love a bargain in 2020? We sure do. That’s why we’ve compiled this awesome list of cheap places to travel this year. You just might be surprised by the suggestions.

1. Oaxaca, Mexico

A culturally rich and exciting city, Oaxaca offers a world-class adventure on a shoestring budget. Not only is it a foodie’s paradise, but it’s also got plenty of museums (free on Sundays). And the busy Tlacolula Market is full of anything you can think of. 

2. Middleburg, Virginia

“America’s Horse and Hunt Country” is less than an hour away from Washington D.C., and it’s home to some awesome wineries. There are live music and historical charm. There’s a lot to do in and around this picturesque city.

3. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Look beyond the beach to beautiful Santo Domingo. Part of Hispaniola, here you’ll find some of the firsts architecture set up in “the new world.” History and art buffs will appreciate the cheap fares to museums and other culturally rich activities. 

4. Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina

Just across the South Carolina border, Ocean Isle Beach is an affordable destination. You can hop a boat ride to nearby islands and have private beach days. There are free concerts to take in, fishing and golf–something for everyone.

5. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Home to the famous Angkor Temples built in the 12th century, Siem Reap is a quiet treasure. It boasts five-star lodging for less than $100 a night. Not to mention the wealth of culture and natural beauty you’ll discover. And the nightlife is worth mentioning, also.

6. Nice, France

Nice is a cool fusion of French and Italian influence. Visiting the beach and the elaborate markets are free. Try the local street food for a truly authentic experience while you’re there. You can even tour the city on foot or rent a bicycle. There’s a lot of history and beauty here.

7. Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is a favorite of millennials for a reason. It’s cheap! This butterfly-shaped, verdant island in the French West Indies offers affordable adventures, accommodations, and meals. Beachfront lodging for as low as $135 a night? That’s Guadeloupe.

8. Cook Islands

Are you trying to get to Oceania on a budget? The Cook Islands are a great option. New Zealanders and Australians already know about this budget-friendly gem, and now you do too. With its crystal blue waters, powder sand beaches, and the freshest seafood, you don’t want to miss this. And the locals are the best.

9. Calgary, Canada

Calgary has a great night scene. Each cocktail adds a unique flavor to your experience. During the day you can raft or hike Bow River, visit the architectural marvel that is the New Central Library or the Heritage Park Historical Village. There’s a lot to do on a slim budget.

10. South Africa

If you’re looking for the absolute best introduction to the continent of Africa, this is it. South Africa is very much the melting pot of Africa, with lots to see and do. You can get non-stop flights to Cape Town and it’s possible to experience this beautiful city for as little as $45 a day, with paid attractions and drinks.

Even if you’re looking to slim down your travel budget, your vacation experience doesn’t have to take a hit too. Finding cheap places to travel doesn’t mean you have to notice.