Are We Moving Towards Cash-Free Travel in 2020?

February 7, 2020 / Tips/Travel

There are many individuals who no longer use cash in their daily lives. Paying for goods and services has now become easier than ever with credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, and even fingerprint technology.

This advancement in payment technology has become popular, not only with the day-to-day, paying crowds, but for travelers as well. Traveling without cash is better for many people as carrying cash can be stressful. 

Here are some of the reasons for and against using cash when traveling:


The major reason to forego cash in favor of electronic payment is for safety reasons. Carrying cash can be a signal to criminals to rob you. Unfortunately, there are individuals who would be all too happy to separate you and your cash. They have no desire to use a credit or debit card when hard, cold cash will do just fine. 

It is also easier to replace a credit or debit card than it is to secure a replacement of cash. A bank may not believe the amount you had with you, as again, there are people who do not rely on the truth. A debit or credit card provides an electronic record of not only your balance but of all the transactions made during a certain period of time. 

Easier Than Cash

When traveling overseas, it is often necessary to exchange American money for whatever currency of the place you are visiting. This can be a strain on travelers as the currency exchange rate is widely different from place to place. 

You will also have to locate a bank or a currency exchange company to transfer your money to the new country’s currency. This can also be expensive, and, if you don’t speak the language, it can open you up to fraudulent charges. 

When opting for a credit or debit card from your local bank for travel, try to locate one that has no currency exchange charges. This will save you a lot of money when traveling abroad. 

Travelers Checks

In the past, many people relied on traveler’s checks for taking cash along on their vacation. These are still available but are not as widely used as a credit or debit card. They are good for a lifetime, meaning they never expire, but they are only slightly better than cash. 

If they are lost or stolen, you will still need to prove the amount you had and there could be a waiting period for a refund. It is best to forego these types of travel monies for a credit or debit card. 

Electronic Wallets

One of the newer ways to pay for goods and services, in your hometown or around the world, is with an electronic wallet. They were originally issued for online purchases but can be used at an actual brick and mortar store. 

This type of card is connected to your bank account and is as safe as a credit card or debit card. This type of account is also secure if anything were to happen to the card. 

When traveling, opt for alternative means of payment rather than cash. You will find it easier and safer.